What is a “Carpet Audit?”

  • It is the first step in finding out what you want in a carpet cleaning service so we can provide exactly what you expect.  

  • Most carpet cleaning companies quote prices over the phone because it’s quick and easy.

  • Their estimate is based on one single  process of cleaning and stain removal that they use on every stain, every carpet, in every home because again…..it’s quick and easy.  

  • This “hit or miss” way of bidding & cleaning takes less time and effort.  But unfortunately is does not give you the absolute best result because there are many types of carpets and many types of stains and each one requires a specific method of cleaning to produce the best results. That is impossible to accomplish over the phone!

  • These are the reasons  why Mark takes the time and effort to come into your home, examine the condition of your carpets.

  • Determine the source of the stains.

  • Assess the wear age and condition of you carpets or hard surface flooring.

  • Ask you questions about how often and what type of cleaning has been used on your flooring in the past.

  • After examining the condition of you flooring, then Mark can give you a “prescription” for making your flooring look like new again. That cannot be done over the phone!

  • Then Mark will measure each room, even the ones you may not currently want cleaned so he can give you an exact written quote. No “surprises”, no “extra-charges” if you choose to get more work done in the future.

  • Mark will also give you a  FREE BOTTLE OF OUR BEST SPOT CLEANER along with a SPOT CLEANING CHART!

  • So the Free Carpet Audit is the first step in being thorough while providing you exactly what you are looking for in your floor care or air duct cleaning service.  Mark is very thorough in every aspect of the cleaning process from start to finish.  That is why he can give you a complete, 100% Guarantee: “If it’s not the MOST THOROUGH CLEANING EVER…...IT’S FREE!!”


Free Carpet Audit Form

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